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SVMK Inc., doing business as SurveyMonkey, is an online survey development cloud-based software as a service company. It was founded in 1999 by Ryan Finley and Chris Finley. The company provides surveys, and a suite of paid back-end programs.The company went public in September 2018.

A former customer shared this in a review " Format is weird, ads, even when there isn't an ad, it looks like there's an ad which is weird. It's also boring and bland. While it does what it needs to, SurveyMonkey could definitely improve a lot. Honestly, I don't really like it at all. You can basically only use SurveyMonkey(easily and effectively) for simple surveys and feedback. Anything beyond that and I would recommend finding a different outlet."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lies Micro-managing Microaggressive boring product roadmap"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The people who kiss up get promoted even if they are completely incompetent and toxic. The executive team spends a lot of time talking about company values that it doesn't follow. People who are competent, hard-working, and good at their jobs are abandoning ship because the executive team is focused on short-term gains only."


"- No one cares about you and your career, from the senior management to junior managers - No merit based promotion. Capable people all left - Lack of transparency - Compensation below the market - Terrible politics"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sub-standard compensation for almost everyone below Director level, not based on gender or race (uniformly lower than average) Bizarre initiatives that lead no-where Toxic work environment masquerading as accepting and progressive Un-evenly applied HR practices"

Former Employee - Customer Engagement Representative says

"When bad decisions happen, everyone under management suffers. Promotions go to those who kiss up the most, not to those who deserve it."

Senior Software Engineer says

"If you aren't in one of the long-time clicks then, I'm sorry but you just aren't going to make it. They stick together and back-stab you. Watch your back! Those there are long time are stuck in their ways and new talent do not have any input. There is so much bureaucracy and fighting between departments nothing gets done. One department's priorities rarely align with another thus good luck trying to accomplish the project."


"If you are any of the following, LOOK ELSEWHERE: over the age of 35, highly experienced, want to use your brain on your job, don't like passive aggressive behavior and politics. Company is operated with heavy top-down micromanagement. They don't seem to like people below a VP-level to think and have ideas. It's dangerous to voice differing opinions; getting on the wrong side of certain execs could lead to being without a job. Passive aggressive behavior, back-stabbing and negative politics run rampant. Experience is not valued unless you are at the VP level. Little opportunity for advancement and or development. If you want to have a job where you don't have to use your brain and just do what you are told, this place is for you."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"- mess in the management; - money, money, money... let's do more money and more, and more... That's all top management is talking about for the past 6 months; - not a technology company anymore. Good engineers are constantly being let go, because inexperienced management do not know how to actually manage and do not have any vision; - a lot of strong people are leaving; - new office location (San Mateo)"

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Constant change and disruption in many areas of the business make it difficult to execute on plans and goals. Many peers are concerned about transparency from leadership and impact on individual and team work."

Customer Engagement (Former Employee) says

"Great pay and benefits Not the best management No job security"

Lead Generation Manager (Former Employee) says

"I adored the people that I worked with. I enjoyed my job very much. The benefits and flexibility were close to the best I've experienced."

Customer Engagement Representative (Current Employee) says

"SurveyMonkey offers employees 4x week of catered breakfast and lunch, with a full cafeteria, all free to employees. This provides great team comradery and engagement which promotes and encourages on-site lunches, and arriving to work promptly. Roles vary at SurveyMonkey, with a Customer Engagement Representative being an entry-level position. Unfortunately, the company does not have a high turnover rate or much room for advancement. The CER role can be very mundane, heavily (all) computer-based with little interaction among colleagues. Daily expectations for this role will include sending multiple emails per day and analyzing data. On-site recreational perks such as pool table, ping pong table, adult beverages, massage chair and quiet room and adult beverages are offered, proving an adequate work/leisure balance.Fringe benefitsLittle advancement opportunities"

Team Lead of Account Management (Former Employee) says

"Recommend working here if you're fresh out of college and looking to gain corporate work experience."

Noob says

"This is the worst survey site ever made."

Zoe says

"Using the free version for a student survey, its limited so you can only view 40 responses. After taking all the data from the responses down by hand I was able to delete the individual responses and see more so it would still show 40 altogether. However, then I found out there is even a limit on how many responses can be deleted! Most had to be deleted anyway because the questions weren't answered and it counted as a full response.
The prices for premium are unbelievable and reading other reviews, it seems they charge the full year with no refund.
Basically use any other service."

Sumar Patel says

"Surveymonkey has become overly complicated and now only 40 people surveys are free even for your older surveys, Surveymonkey will show you responses for 40 people only unless you pay. Retroactively changing the deal may not be legit."

Mansell says

"I have no experience of designing surveys and I am using SurveyMonkey for the time. We have paid for the Teams Advantage package. I have tested the survey and it worked but when I tried testing the revised version respondents could not fill in any answers . I sent my request 5 days ago and despite reminders I am not getting any replies. The website says the email service is reduced for Thanksgiving and there is no phone service at all."

Tim says

"Absolute rip off and they will not live up to the EU rules on refunds that they claim to support. Feels like a scam, even if it is legitimate."

Fruitbat says

"Such a shame you can't purchase a monthly package at a reasonable rate, come on Survey Monkey, what about us little guys?! Its not just educators and students that need low rate support... You've lost me as a customer I'm afraid"

Paul says

"Just got stung on the auto-renewal. Have been a paying customer for five years but not used the service for a year. Noticed the payment on my credit card statement and asked to downgrade - have paid them £320 and they refuse to redund any of it. Needless to say we will now be cancelling and never using them again. This is the behaviour of scam con-merchants not a supposedly leading provider!"

Pat says

"It is just unbelievable... Upgraded my account to an annual advanced plan. Not only do you have to pay for the whole year (DON'T forget to cancel your subscription, or they will charge you for the whole year again) but there are no free trails or refunds. According to the page, the European Union allows a refund within 14 days from payment. However, it is not specified or clarified that it only applies to individuals and a vat number disqualifies you from a refund. Would recommend not using it AT ALL or READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY AND SEARCH FOR DEFINITIONS of key terms. Sorry to say but SurveyMonkey is a leech."

James Edwards says

"Survey Monkey are in the same category as 'Trust'Pilot. Leeches. I have personal experience of 'Trust'Pilot occupying the same premises as a fraudster from eastern Europe. Dishonesty is your trade."

Tom says

"This was MY application idea that was stolen from me by a venture capitalist, who works for the Odds Monkey team, called Craig Peterson. I trusted that the potential help and funding was going to take my idea to the next level, but instead, this help was a disguise for getting me to talk about my idea. I was too innocent to believe we live in a world of thieves."


"We PAID for a Survey Monkey version to do a brief employee engagement survey. However, random intrusive, rude questions automatically populated the survey and there was NOTHING we could do to change it. They told us specifically we had to have them - in a PAID version!!!! Then, when we tried to UPGRADE and pay $800 more, they would not refund the difference even though we would not use the other version. Unbelievably crappy customer service and horrible product. I will ACTIVELY recommend all my clients NEVER use it!"

jeddie says

"You are only able to read 40 responses on the survey for free - I was not aware of this before I started the survey. I am so angry and disappointed I might fail my A level I hate survey monkey thanks surveymonkey crying now :("

Stan Busk says

"I have been using the service for a while but I finally decided to suspend the account for some time because I had to redesign a couple of surveys.

When I decided to come back to the type of plan I had, I discovered I had to pay yearly by default, with no possibility to pay monthly as before.

My company doesn't allow yearly payment, we do not finance others actually. If SurveyMonkey needs financing they have to go to the bank like everybody else.

As a result I have deleted everything and switched to TypeForm.

It looks like this company thinks they are alone in the market."


"SCAM and deceiving terms. You pay for a certain amount of survey results. Once you have paid and all of your surveys have been performed, you are only able to actually see 40 results because they then prompt you to upgrade to view the rest. Their upgrade fees are out of this world. Please do business elsewhere. This place is conducting business to steal from consumers/businesses."

Kenny Guillaume says

"My company was also fooled by Survey Monkey. They merged 2 paying separate accounts (without our knowlegde) and then refused to make a refund on 1 of the accounts. If i wanted to disconnect both accounts again, I even had to pay for another membership and would lose all previous data. I have to confirm all the negative reviews here that there is a cunning and almost illegal business plan behind them.
The customer service department then keeps fooling you untill finally you give up. I don't recommend working with them in the future."

Sophie Piccioni-vero says

"Only lets you write 10 questions and only lets you see 40 responses unless you pay £99 a month. This has completely messed up all of my college research. Wish I knew this before. Would never never recommend to anyone and have told all of my friends who are doing survey to completely stay away from this website. Has caused so much stress!"

Lisa Murray says

"Survey Monkey has deceiving business practices and horrible customer service. For some reason, our account was set on auto-renew and although I contacted them on the day it was to renew, they will not refund my payment. I would read every single document they have before signing up for an account with them. Some of the worst customer service I've experienced during this time."

Loren Venler says

"Sadly, the free tier of Survey Monkey is now a bait and switch scam. The large print said it was free to send to 100 people or fewer, but it did not just as clearly state that I was limited to 45 responses (unless I upgraded to a paid account), or that I would have to pay to download a text file of the response data."

Martin Es says

"Survey monkey does not have a refund policy, you pay on a Friday, request a refund on the following Monday, they will deny you. They say it’s only $32.00/month, but charge you the whole year upfront. Everyone should be asking why, why does it have this practice. Is their product subpar, that they want to get paid up front before you figure this out.
I have dealt with with yearly plans all my life, they have refunded my money for the unused months. My conclusion is they are hiding something, they can’t complete with the competition and require a means to suck you in, once you realize it’s not for you, too late. If you ask to speak to the chain of command, they will not give you their information because it’s private. A public traded company whose VP,s emails are private. Really, ?. This company does not deserve your business, look elsewhere, they are not the only ones who provide this service. I hope this message is reached by many, and hopefully makes you research your options, and not pay for any of their services, because once you pay, they will not refund your money. That is how their refund policy is stated. My hope, is that no ones looses their money like I did. Keeping your money for unused period on a yearly subscription is theft in my view, and that’s all they are good for. Do your research. Ask questions, get it in writing. Martin E."

Matthew Grant says

"Over last few years I have used SurveyMonkey on 3 or 4 occasions. Because I wanted to open up some of the reports, but not all, to different partners and clients I set up two separate accounts - one with annual fees of £320 the other with £340 - both defaulted to annual renewing - one in July, one in November. SurveyMonkey just took payment on the November account - when I asked if they could cancel this and refund the £320 payment as I no longer used it -and will be using only one account going forward - they refused to refund the next 12 months fees. I had a similar situation with McAfee who immediately agreed to credit back the second account I didn't need. So short sighted of SurveyMonkey because this attitude of "you have paid so tough luck" leaves a bad experience - there is more competition for SurveyMonkey now and at these times this attitude is not something I will accept from a business partner - I will be canceling and using other survey providers now as soon as I can. The reason this gets two stars not one is that Emma in customer service was very fast to respond to my email - even if she couldn't make the credit."

delbroox says

"It works very well. And I would rate it higher if it wasn't so expensive. Plus, I collected almost 250 replies on a survey and paid to be able to visualise the replies over the 100th one. Now they say that if I don't pay from January they'll delete from the platform the data I have already collected. I understand asking people to pay to fully use the platform, but asking for payment with the threath of deleting the data already gathered is just REALLY bad management."

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